Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.


Drunken Girl Scout

Let’s start off 2012 with this: Drunken Girl Scout is to me as the the Big Mac is to McDonald’s. While sadly I don’t have a jingle to coincide, Drunken Girl Scout is my go-to flavor. I’ve been making this flavor for about two years which in my book means I have earned my booze badge. I wish I still had my Girl Scout sash because I’m curious what I accomplished back in ’91. I know for a fact it wasn’t starting a fire or braiding hair (is that even an option?). I digress. Here’s how I accomplished “booze badge”:

thin mint cookie mugshot

thin mint badge

I wanted to start the year off with a flavor that warms the tummy and Baileys Irish Cream does just that. Something about its thick consistency blankets your innards and sets up a nice winter picnic in the belly. It’s a heavier libation so it’s great for ice cream because it naturally thickens the base and let’s not forget that booze doesn’t freeze so it keeps the consistency creamy.

baileys irish cream

I never really noticed the pristine landscape on the label until I took this picture. Kind of reminds of a mashup of an Irish Spring graphic and Duck Hunt. (mmm the smell of Irish Spring…yes please!)

baileys irish cream label

Let’s digress from the irish lake/Duck Hunt imagery for a sec and let’s dive into the badge at hand: ice cream.

Drunken Girl Scout Troop: 0214

I’m not saying this troop is the one you want to be stranded with in the woods with,  but I know they would be fun to play Catch Phrase and Jenga with.

drunken girl scout


Drunken Girl Scout Leader

Drunken Girl Scout Postcard

Here’s to more badges, cones and ice cream in 2012!


Ice Cream Cake

You betcha! I needed a swell reason to make an ice cream cake and there was no better setting than my dear friend’s surprise birthday party. Oh and this surprise party didn’t have just humans attending…there were 20 bunnies in her living room. YEAH WE DID! The bunnies didn’t eat the ice cream cake but everyone else did. I opted for a fan favorite, “Drunken Girl Scout” which is Bailey’s Irish Cream and thin mints. Here’s how it went down…

I am a huge fan of Carvel ice cream cakes and did some sleuthing and discovered that the iconic “cookie crumbles” are oreo cookie/chocolate wafers with Magic Shell coating to bring the group together. I ended up going old school and striped out each cookie individually, it was like separating the two characters from The Notebook, these two did not want to be split from their love from one another.

The Notebook of Edible Lovers: Oreos & Cream

Next I threw in the plain Oreos into the food processor to get a chocolate dust storm which then needed some precipitation and bonding. The Magic Shell. This is like syrup but acts kind of like a glue, hardens very quickly which made for a terrific base. No ice cream was going to leak out of this edible vault foundation.

Magic Shell/Oreo Bottom

Next came the layers of Bailey’s Ice cream and thin mints…

Cake Layers

The MVP of this team by far was the springform pan which provided the flexibility to remove the bottom from the sides. I added some wax paper to ensure independence and it worked like a dream.

Look Ma! No Sides!

Drunken Girl Scout Cake

I ended up putting an additional layer of ice cream but didn’t get a shot of it until the party…

BAM! (thanks Mia for the photo)

I am looking forward to making more cakes and variations on crust and layers so quick someone have a birthday or let’s just make one up to eat it.

Cool Kid Peppermint

There’s cool, and then there’s Fonzie. This is the Fonzie of ice cream. Slick flavor and works a room like a 50’s stud. That’s this guy.

candy cane mugshot

‘Tis the season to wear questionable, yet entertaining holiday sweaters, indulge in the fact that you are drinking eggs (eggnog) and justify it with “oh only this time of year!” and last but  certainly not last…POPCORN TINS. I love these sectional snack tins and would love to know how this tradition got started but I didn’t make popcorn tin ice cream so I’m going to digress.

I used these guys, Trader Joe’s seasonal “Candy Cane Joe Joe’s”, the December cousin to the Oreo Cookie.

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

In lieu of the traditional vanilla cream filling, these little edible ornaments are filled with a candy cane cream  that’s just a dream to taste.

Candy Cane Cookie

What’s the holidays without some booze?! Sure I did! Threw in some Peppermint Shnapps for an extra splash of satisfaction and to also ensure this guy was smooth and creamy just like the man Fonzie himself.

Cool Kid Peppermint

Cool Kid Peppermint Postcard

This is the last flavor I’m doing to do for 2011 and I’m comfortable letting Fonzie lead the way into 2012. Happy Holidays!

Spiked Strawberry Bites

Yep. I did. I truly turned into 5 years old with this one. Well minus the whole alcohol part. Strawberries are  in season and I wanted to take full advantage so I picked up some of nature’s edible armor. Strawberries look like they are always ready to battle with their chain link pattern of seeds, but this guy was no match for what I had in store for it…I got it drunk.

strawberry mugshot

tough guy was no match for the blender either…

strawberry guts

After a quick trip to the blender, I took the strawberry guts for a night on the town…we painted the town red..[hardy har har…lame joke].  I was ordering strawberry guts shots of this wonderful whipped cream vodka that absolutely tastes like whipped cream, it’s light with a subtle vanilla flavor. I then threw strawberry guts a party and put on their most special birthday suit…SPRINKLES!

spiked strawberry bite

the entire bite is in cupcake form…

blue strawberry bite friend

strawberry bite party

I had leftover Lemonilla and mixed some of that into a handful of the bites..and me oh my what a combo! Here are the parental units of that pairing…

Spiked Strawberry and Lemonilla

one last outfit…

Spiked Strawberry on a Lemon Cupcake

This strawberry is quite the model…next is a training session with Tyra.

Tipsy Citrus Sorbet

I always had a thing for Bill Nye the Science Guy…know why? I love science!  Science is very much a large component to ice cream making which is another reason why I love it. Science comes into play heavily with sorbet making because it’s figuring out the right balance between sugar and water. Sorbet itself is really easy to make but if you want a nice consistency and texture then strap on your goggles and fire up the Bunsen burner. (don’t)

Another culinary treat based on science is wine. I recently went to Napa Valley and picked up some bottles of white wine to experiment with….DOUBLE SCIENCE!

Ledson Orange Muscat

Orange Muscat Mugshot

When I tasted this wine, the synapses in the brain yelled “CITRUS. NOW.” I obliged and like the Beastie Boys, I wrangled up a trio of citrus fruits that I thought would pair (and rap) well together.

Grapefruit Mugshot

Tangerine Mugshot

Lemon Mugshot

I used a healthy 1/2 cup of wine because I wanted the muscat to come through and not just use it as a sorbet softener. The rest was up to the citrus trio which all played well together and I have to say to this is my  new favorite sorbet flavor. It’s extremely refreshing for a spring day and I didn’t really want to share it with others but I sorta did.

Tipsy Citrus

(yes it is served in a frozen tangerine peel cup)

The texture is SPOT ON. It’s actually CREAMY which makes me squirm with excitement! Thank you science, you know how to make a girl grin. (the wine helps too)

Somangon Sorbet

Yes the title sounds like a character’s  name from Avatar but in my world of ice cream Pandora, it stands for Soju + Mango + Lemon Sorbet.  I really want to work on my sorbets this year, make ’em creamy, full of flavor, and not icy…and by golly I think I’m onto something.

Just as a reminder, sorbets differ from ice cream in that they don’t contain any dairy…no milk or cream. They are basically just fruit, sugar and water.  With that kind of roster, sorbets run into the situation where there is nothing preventing it from freezing like an igloo. The fat in dairy breaks up the freezing process in ice cream leaving it creamy. (Wow this is getting very Bill Nye.) Being the texture/creamy freak that I am, I am always seeking to make a creamy, thick sorbet. [Insert: mission impossible music]

I started off with this guy…


Mango Man Mug Shot

(That pretty orange mouth is a sign of a perfectly ripe mango.)

I picked up two  other  mangoes, one was crap-o-la and the inside looked like a network of misguided intent, it was kind of stringy which makes me dry heave. The other mango wasn’t quite ripe enough but it had potential, so basically I had one good mango and a sidekick of potential. I scratched my head for a second and remembered I had frozen mangoes in the freezer…EUREKA! Poured half a bag of frozen mangoes and watched wonderful things happen. THICK. CREAMY. EDIBLE CEMENT. The frozen mangoes when blended turned into a wonderful thick spread which will come into play later.

I also introduced mango man to Soju man because alcohol, like fat,  breaks up the freezing process.


Soju Man

The results….


Somangon Sorbet

IT WAS CREAMY. [arm pump]. I think a lot had to do with the frozen mangoes which gets the unicycle wheel in my brain turning. Let’s just say……..I AM PUMPED  for spring and summer where my Pandora will be bustling with frozen novelties such as this.


Dollup of Somangon

Tipsy Patty

I’m back on the East Coast celebrating the holidays with my family and friends and decided (forced) to make ice cream for them. I get a lot of heat from them because they never get to taste my ice cream experiments and as I have said before “I AM NOT SHIPPING ICE CREAM.”  So with that said, I packed up about a half a dozen vanilla beans in my security friendly bag and made it safe and sound to the east.

I decided on a peppermint ice cream because it’s so fresh and cooling…not that we really need it on the East Coast at this time of year, but I found it very seasonal and appropriate. I made the base differently from my previous peppermint creation because I didn’t have any candy cane bits at my parents house…but I had BOOZE. I used Creme de Menthe, peppermint extract and vanilla beans. I’m not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, (I know, I know…I am crazy, delirious, a  jerk, cowardly, etc,) but when I do eat it, I thoroughly enjoy Ghirardelli chocolate. I especially like it because it’s a SF brand and thought it would be a nice inclusion. I used their “limited edition” peppermint bark.


Ghirardelli Peppermint Squares

p.s. Santa brought me a macro lens!!!!!!!!!


Peppermint Bark Mugshot

I went a little overboard with the pictures because of my new lens and my parents get amazing light in their kitchen…


Tipsy Patty

Tipsy Patty Mugshot

I really liked this one….A.LOT. The vanilla beans came through like E.T. phoning home…subtle, but loving. The Creme de Menthe was WONDERFUL, and kept this Tipsy Patty creamy and soft.  As for the crowd at hand…they seemed to enjoy it as well…


Nom Mania