Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.

Fail Flavors

Hami Melon Sorbet R.I.P.

Not only is this my first post in over a month but it’s also not a fun tale.  It was my friend Hami’s birthday and since she was the friend who gave me the ice cream machine in the first place I found it appropriate to send her Hami Melon Sorbet.

Hami Melon Mugshot

Hami melons are like a cross between a cantaloupe and a cucumber. It’s flavor is like a faint cantaloupe, it dances a watery/candy tune,  but it’s crunchy and fresh like a cucumber.  It’s fun and refreshing like a moonwalk at a birthday party.

Hami Melon X-Ray (I see a monster mouth do you?)

Sorbets take such little effort it’s really not worth mentioning, puree + simple syrup = done.  Onto the DRAMA: I purchased some dry ice on Sunday afternoon and silly me didn’t read the bag which noted to not store in a home freezer,  so when I checked on it on Tuesday evening I discovered my dry ice friend turned into a ghost and disappeared. Literally. There was nothing left in the bag. Fail.

( another picture of the melon because it’s all I got)

Hami Melon Skin

So I got up early one morning and purchased some new dry ice, drove directly to the post office and packaged what I thought was a secure method. I lined the box with some squishy foam thing and wrapped the sorbet in a bag and inserted a card. Then came time to figure out what shipping method to do. The post office had limited options for box sizes so I had to do priority because the express box was for letter sized items, so I found the largest Priority Mail box and packed it like an elf the night before Christmas.   Off ya go to the lovely Garden State!


I had the assumption that the dry ice would flash freeze the sorbet for one day and then by the second the ice would have evaporated but the sorbet would remain solid. Not the case. My friend emailed/texted/called and reported some devastating news. It completely melted and the Post Office called my friend’s work and said a Federal Agent had to open the package because it was leaking. The only thing salvaged was the card which was soaked and had bits of the Hami melon sorbet soul on it.

The Ghost of Hami Sorbet

Lessons learned:

  2. Post offices have really large plastic bags for little items.

Butterscotch Pumpkin Sammies

FAIL. I’ll keep this brief because it upsets me. I was attending a party and wanted to make seasonal fall delights for my friends. The result was failed pumpkin cookies that rose higher than a Jersey girl’s hair in the summer. The cookies were way too soft and just didn’t do it for me so I ended up making only four sammies and ditched the rest. It was dramatic. [insert “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel]. The butterscotch ice cream also came out mediocre in my opinion. I vamped up the usage of eggs in the ice cream to 3 and yes it was creamy as pre-hardened cement but didn’t have enough flavor for me. I give this a fail cone.

Butterscotch Butt Cheeks