Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.


August Flavor: Peach Tree

After a three striped celebration of ice cream in July…I’m going to continue the fruit train with August’s flavor of Peach!

August is about nature’s fuzzy friend, the peach. Under the soft bristles of fruit whiskers lies summer’s candy bowl.  Peaches are in bloom and ready to shed their fuzzy coat for a dip in a vanilla and honey base with a hint of lemon to finish off the summer breeze. (This isn’t meant to sound like a candle description but it’s getting close.) Georgia is a bit of a hike, but I’m actually going peach picking specifically for this months’ flavor so they will be as fresh as can be…hopefully a video will follow. Look for this month’s flavor Peach Tree flavor to be delivered to your mouth the week of Aug. 15th!

Peach Tree


Happy 4th of July!

Nothing says America like eagles and ice cream! Above is strawberry, vanilla bean and blueberry…red, white and blue(ish)!

Blue Graham

‘Tis the season for those little bundles of blue bites of berry. (yeah that’s right I just typed that) Blueberries are great, they are so mysterious…they have this semi-thick  blue/violet skin that pretends to be tough but inside they have this clear-ish mild filling gel.

blueberry x-ray

I made blueberry ice cream last year but was still getting down the whole texture thing so I wanted to try it again this year with a few modifications. The first being obviously the vanilla beans I’m obsessed with it,  some lemon, and GRAHAM CRACKERS. Cinnamon and blueberries are a great combo so I opted for the “cinnamon” variety of graham crackers and had a blast eating them along the way. They are like slabs of edible sand paper that carves a nice nestled spot of delicious on your taste buds. (wow I am wordy today).

graham cracker stack

graham crackers mugshot

Fact: Loved this. I brought it into work and my cubicle friends really like it as well..perfect for a semi-summer day in SF. The key to making anything with fruit is to make sure it’s fresh and this was indeed a fresh group of blueberry pearls.

Blue Graham Scoop

I had to…they are my new thing…blue graham bites!

blue graham bite

Sprinkle Face

Spiked Strawberry Bites

Yep. I did. I truly turned into 5 years old with this one. Well minus the whole alcohol part. Strawberries are  in season and I wanted to take full advantage so I picked up some of nature’s edible armor. Strawberries look like they are always ready to battle with their chain link pattern of seeds, but this guy was no match for what I had in store for it…I got it drunk.

strawberry mugshot

tough guy was no match for the blender either…

strawberry guts

After a quick trip to the blender, I took the strawberry guts for a night on the town…we painted the town red..[hardy har har…lame joke].  I was ordering strawberry guts shots of this wonderful whipped cream vodka that absolutely tastes like whipped cream, it’s light with a subtle vanilla flavor. I then threw strawberry guts a party and put on their most special birthday suit…SPRINKLES!

spiked strawberry bite

the entire bite is in cupcake form…

blue strawberry bite friend

strawberry bite party

I had leftover Lemonilla and mixed some of that into a handful of the bites..and me oh my what a combo! Here are the parental units of that pairing…

Spiked Strawberry and Lemonilla

one last outfit…

Spiked Strawberry on a Lemon Cupcake

This strawberry is quite the model…next is a training session with Tyra.

The Elka

The what? No I did not add elk or a Scandinavian girl to my ice cream. “The Elka” is named after my friend from work who requested this flavor as part of her last day at work. (Her name is actually not “Elka” at all but that’s just what we call her.)

Elka LOVES bananas. If I were corny I would say she goes bananas over bananas, ew. Anyway she eats one every morning and as we all know the laws of physics, when one eats a banana, one gets banana voice. “Banana voice?” Yes.

Definition of Banana Voice

Elka  had banana voice… EVERYDAY. So clearly she was going to choose banana flavor ice cream. I’m not a big banana fan at all so I let her run with it, she suggested “Lis! What about banana with peanut butter cookie dough and marshmallow!” Ok, that’ll do.

Banana Giraffe Neck

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Mugshot

I was pleasantly surprised on how this turned out. Frozen bananas are quite appealing, unlike their raw mushy and smelly counterpart.  Bananas when mushed up are very thick and added a nice texture to the base pre-freezing. The result…banana drumroll please…..

The Elka: Banana and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

The Elka doing a yoga pose.

Did Elka like it?

Elka eating The Elka

She did 🙂

Tipsy Citrus Sorbet

I always had a thing for Bill Nye the Science Guy…know why? I love science!  Science is very much a large component to ice cream making which is another reason why I love it. Science comes into play heavily with sorbet making because it’s figuring out the right balance between sugar and water. Sorbet itself is really easy to make but if you want a nice consistency and texture then strap on your goggles and fire up the Bunsen burner. (don’t)

Another culinary treat based on science is wine. I recently went to Napa Valley and picked up some bottles of white wine to experiment with….DOUBLE SCIENCE!

Ledson Orange Muscat

Orange Muscat Mugshot

When I tasted this wine, the synapses in the brain yelled “CITRUS. NOW.” I obliged and like the Beastie Boys, I wrangled up a trio of citrus fruits that I thought would pair (and rap) well together.

Grapefruit Mugshot

Tangerine Mugshot

Lemon Mugshot

I used a healthy 1/2 cup of wine because I wanted the muscat to come through and not just use it as a sorbet softener. The rest was up to the citrus trio which all played well together and I have to say to this is my  new favorite sorbet flavor. It’s extremely refreshing for a spring day and I didn’t really want to share it with others but I sorta did.

Tipsy Citrus

(yes it is served in a frozen tangerine peel cup)

The texture is SPOT ON. It’s actually CREAMY which makes me squirm with excitement! Thank you science, you know how to make a girl grin. (the wine helps too)


“Sorbange” sounds very insurance-y but it’s what we are going to go with.  It’s spring! In SF that doesn’t mean much temperature wise, but it does mean  NO. MORE. RAIN!  March is the new April here and it pours buckets, but it looks like that (fingers crossed) has passed so it’s time for some spring flavors! Spring to me mean is all about smells more than the temperature. Not so much in SF but growing up I always loved the smell of spring…the grass, the way the pavement smelled after months of snow sitting on it like a couch potato. Loved it. So for my rendition of spring I turn to what else, orange.

Left: Farmer's Market Right: Whole Foods

I can’t tell you the difference between coffee blends or if you should buy or lease a car,  but I can pick out juicy oranges.  As you can see above the one on the left is smaller, and the skin is smoother with less dinosaur-looking creases…you want this. As much as you want to get your bang for your buck, the smaller one is going to pack more juices because it’s smaller real estate. (It’s like Snooki from the Jersey shore, she’s short and packs a lot of ‘tude up in that leopard spandex ensemble.) Next is the “smooth” factor, the skin is smoother because it’s juicer and the juices push the skin out…I have zero scientific evidence of this, it’s just the synapses in my brain who are forcing me to type that.

I mimicked my method of freezing fruit and then blending it to get that cool and creamy texture I so long for in sorbet. I then added my trick (not anymore) of adding soju because it’s pretty flavorless and will aid in keeping the sorbet from completely freezing. How did we do?