Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.

Ice Cream Sandwiches


I consider myself an easily excitable person. I don’t necessarily jump up and down but internally a lot of synapses fire off and I squirm with excitement.  Example: I love dogs. VERY much. It doesn’t matter if I’m walking, driving, talking, by myself, with friends etc. I stop whatever I’m doing when I see a dog I think is cute and make “the dog noise.” So if a four legged animal who I have no attachment can conjure up such a reaction then you can imagine what participating in an underground farmer’s market making ice cream did to my brain. IT FREAKED OUT.

What is forageSF? It’s an underground farmer’s market of local folks who love food and want to share their specialty goods with others.  I had went to a market a few months ago and really liked it and knew I wanted to participate. How it works is you make a sample batch of whatever you are making and wait a week to hear back. [insert waiting a week] I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!

What did I make? I pushed myself to the absolute max on this one…ice cream sandwiches. [echoing] IT. WAS. A. LOT. OF. WORK.

Drunken Penguin

This was originally called “Drunken Girl Scout” but since it found its way into a penguin shaped cookie I found it more appropriate to name it “Drunken Penguin.”  This is the description I wrote on my menu: “Bailey’s ice cream with chopped mint cookies sandwiched between two mint chocolate cookies that satisfies that thing in your brain that makes you gasp with excitement. Something like that.” (This was my “big seller”.)

Island Pinata

My name is Lisa and I have an addiction to Pinatas. It’s true gang. I love the concept, the colors, the idea, everything.  This piñata is stuffed with smiles and coconut ice cream. Its coat is a sugar cookie with vanilla glaze with colored shredded coconut.

The San Francisco

I also love unicorns. Tsk Tsk I know but nonetheless they are fun and as I wrote on the menu,  “There’s nothing happier than San Francisco…so eat it up! The San Francisco is a delicious and refreshing fine Madagascar vanilla bean between sugar cookies decorated with what else, rainbow sprinkles.” The kiddies seemed to be extra drawn to these.

Seeing Double

This was a limited edition sandwich as I had a little extra dough and wanted to try out this cookie cutter.  The menu read “What’s better than eating ice cream? Eating an ice cream sandwich that’s shaped like an ice cream cone! Indulge the double team of ice cream which is a rich vanilla bean sandwiched between two golden soft sugar cookies. (Obviously topped off with sprinkles.)”

Final Product

So how did it go? I worked my little synapses to the core and I saw results before I even got to forage. I saw a result in me. I found myself completely engrossed in this project and focused. Almost too much at times. I thoroughly enjoy testing myself though, I like a good challenge and boy did I sign up for one.

The only major  hiccup was the dry ice situation. I had used dry ice from one store a few times and knew it certainly worked it’s magic. Part of its effectiveness is that it is in pellet form so it’s really easy to stack and position to your liking. Well this establishment is not open on the weekends so I went to another place that sold it in 10 lb blocks. This played a huge lame factor in my plan. I couldn’t really position the ice around the ice cream like I wanted so it wasn’t distributing throughout the cooler. BAD. Ice cream started to melt and it I think my synapses matched the melting effect as they slowly began to stop working and had me perplexed.  I got over it and there was plenty of frozen ice cream to be had.

I could go on more about the lessons learned and the shoulda/woulda but that’s for me and my synapses to figure out and not dwell on. I do want to focus on the sheer joy I had selling my first sandwich to a stranger. Sappy mania…I remember the woman was so excited to buy a Drunken Penguin and said it with such excitement and the fact that I had something to do with that makes me want to come back for more. I remember turning to my friend and I DID JUMP UP AND DOWN and exclaimed “I JUST SOLD MY FIRST SANDWICH TO A STRANGER!” [Long sigh and a smile.]

Other major highlights were:

The Sign by Tricia Choi

My amazing and talented friend made me this for the event. I had asked her for a simple poster and she literally showed up with this…on canvas. [SYNAPSES SYNAPSES SYNAPSES.]

Support Team

My friends are like dry ice…they are the coolest things in the world. I am fortunate enough to have an unbelievable supportive group of friends who showed up to help, eat, and be friendly faces in the crowd.  It was very amazing and warm  to see each of their reaction’s when they came to the booth…they were just as excited as I was and you can’t really ask for more than that.

Thumbs to a Fantastic Night.



Blue Sugar

It’s Memorial Day and I wanted to make something “American”. Vanilla? No. Gasoline? No. Jello? No. I wanted to use fruit since summer is around the corner and also wanted to tie in nostalgia, so cookies seemed appropriate. I opted for making a brown sugar cookie with blueberries mixed with vanilla bean ice cream. Hence the name Blue Sugar..a play on Blue Angels. (Is this thing on?)

Blueberry Angels

I did some snooping because I want to make a really soft cookie that doesn’t require a lot of biting in the ice cream. I discovered that upping the brown sugar levels and using shortening opposed to butter will do just the trick. I threw in some blueberries to the mix for some color and fruity punch.

Brown Sugar with Blueberries X-Ray

The cookie came out soft like a balled up comforter on a bed. You wanted to jump in it and burrow your face in its soft decor. Brown sugar has such a wonderful and warm taste that needs no introduction. The blueberries melted as you can see in the photo but still maintained their shape. This was a nice result because when I added the cookies to the vanilla ice cream the blueberries sneaked out and speckled the ice cream with their blue reputation.

Blue Sugar

The cookies ended up with the same texture of cookie dough…soft and easy on the teeth. You basically have to produce a few noms and they slither down the hatch.  I really enjoy the consistency and texture as seen in the photo. I want to live in one of these crevices and every so often come out and stretch and then retreat back in.

Blue Sugar Sammie

I  did a little switch-a-roo and wanted to test out the cookies as support beams for an ice cream sammie. They were very competent and remained soft during the freezing process. I’m most concerned about how a bite will affect the ice cream in a sandwich. I hate when you bite into a sammie and all of the goods in the middle get dislodged and squirt out. Hense my need for a really soft cookie that will hold it together. I want something strong and soft…like Tina Turner.  It ended up working and the ice cream stayed put in between the cookies which allowed me to gaze at it for a second so I could pledge allegiance to its deliciousness. Happy Memorial Day!

Blueberry Ice Cream Pancake Smammies (kinda)

Yes I meant to type Smammies. When dealing or talking about pancakes I become a different person. The name alone brings a smile to my face.  Besides the word “beak”, I think pancakes have THE perfect name. If I were given the task of naming pancakes back in the day I would either gone with “pancake” or “edible squishy lily pad.”

Pancake Pals

The very first ice cream experiment I had was with pancakes so clearly I have a weak spot for these pan cooked palms of cake.  If I were to have a “signature” ice cream I want it to involve pancakes. There I said it. So this time I opted to use the p-cakes as the “cookie” to an ice cream sandwich. [insert a beam of light sent from above] .

Personally I like my pancakes plain Jane…meaning no syrup, fruit, chocolate, glitter, etc. A simple pat of butter will suffice. However I wanted to play around with fruit and pancakes so I opted for blueberry because it’s my second favorite fruit after oranges.

Blueberry Mugshot

Blueberry X-Ray

Most recipes call for melting down the blueberries with sugar. I complied and got a fantastic glassy magenta ooze:

Blueberry Ice Rink

While the magenta ooze  erupted, I got the rest of the ingredients acquainted: milk, cream, eggs, and sugar. After they exchanged business cards, I make the intro to the blueberry magenta ooze. After chilling in the fridge for a few hours, I noticed blueberry ooze was shy and wasn’t really coming out in the flavor. I turned to the other package of blueberries and just chopped them up in the liquid butcher (the blender). I added them to the mix and let chill overnight. This is exactly what the magenta ooze needed, a little confidence.

Lady in Red Blueberry Ice Cream

(is this background too red? Wasn’t sure.)

Classic Blueberry Ice Cream

Sooooo back to the “smammies” part. Not so much. I tested two ice cream sammies with the pancakes because I wasn’t sure how hard the pancakes would get and didn’t want to waste the ice cream. Good call. The pancakes became rock  hard and didn’t work so well so I will have to go back to the drawing board and try making more of a pancake-esk cookie.

Blueberry Pancake Smammies

Shirley Temple Bunny Bites

I wish more accidents went like this one.  I was trying to make a completely different ice cream sandwich for a gathering and needless to say my batch was not going to be done in time. I had made Shirley Temple Sorbet a few days prior so I had that chillin’ in the freezer with no plans except to enjoy it myself. Fast forward to when I went to the store and came across these festive bunny face head cookies.

Bunny Cookie Collage

To my pleasant surprise, sorbet is 1.87654 billion times easier to make a sandwich with vs. ice cream. I’m still somewhat struggling on a cohesive sammie making process. I’ve tried various formats, and still run into issues. Nonetheless, I have found that sorbets are a sammie’s knight in shining armor. They mesh wonderfully, and sorbet is incredibly easy to mold in the cookie. In addition to the flexibility, sorbet doesn’t melt nearly as fast as ice cream does, so it was nice to not have to rush. The cookies were on the harder side so upon a chomp, the sorbet would squeeze out the edges. Wasn’t too pumped about that but it comes with the territory, these ready-made cookies have texture restrictions.

This was definitely a moment of accidental bliss 🙂

Shirley Temple Bunny Bites

Bunny Faces

Peep Ice Cream Sammies

Peeps: It’s What’s for Easter. Peeps are what candy corn is to Halloween, a necessity. A nostalgic sugar rush drummed up by candy makers since the dawn of man. Ok maybe a little dramatic but  we all remember Peeps as the hand-held sticky bond to Easter.

Peep Mugshot

With that said, I wanted to pay homage to the sprinkled bird by incorporating into ice cream. I was playing around with the idea of just cutting up pieces of Peeps and making into a Rocky Road-esk mess but my very creative baking friend suggested an ice cream sandwich….EUREKA/GENIUS! I took her advice and sliced the peeps in half and blanketed a spread of vanilla ice cream.

Decapitated Peeps

It took several attempts to get this sugary Easter bouquet correct. The first time I didn’t refrigerate the peeps and just used them as is…fail. They were too weak to take on the heavy ice cream so it resulted in a squishy eating experience. My co-workers suggested to use a support system a.k.a. a cookie. Then one of my most blunt critics at work suggested to dye coconut green and make a little home for the Peep. DONE.

Happy Peep in the Grass

Pinky the Peep

Note: The level of detail in the Peep eyes has drastically taken a plunge. Check out the Cyclops peeps:


The aftermath

Christmas Mint Velvet Sammies

Velvet and Christmas remind me of a green dress I was forced to wear to a family Xmas party in ’86.

So for a holiday gathering appropriately called “Chrismakkah”, I decided to go all out and mix and match some of my previous attempts but with the tweaks I wanted to try. The red velvet sammies were scrumptious but I got some feedback about the thickness of the cookie so I turned down the baking soda and this batch turned out much thinner but still soft like a pillow.

Christmas Velvet

For the mint panda chip ice cream, I wasn’t totally satisfied with my previous attempt,  so I ditched all the recipes I have read and did it  “My Way.” (Wow how Frank Sinatra of me).

Mint Mugshot

I ended up pureeing fresh mint leaves with milk and half n’ half. I used half n’ half because I didn’t need the ice cream to be creamy because of it’s position between the red velvet patties. I let this sucker warm and then let it steep for about 20 minutes. Smelled wonderful and the color of the liquid began to turn to a subtle green.

Mint Mosaic

Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag if I write my special ingredient. (This “Cat’s out of the bag” phrase concerns me because why was a cat in a bag to begin with?) I digress. I added a teaspoon of Peppermint Schnapps for the extra mint burst. I let this Mosaic sit and cool overnight for an extended recess where everyone could play with one another.

Morning After Mint

Drained Mint Brains

I wanted these sammies to mimic the holiday cheer I actually like. Colorful and fun to the point of vegas-y looking.  I dipped into my growing collection of sprinkles and let them run the show.

Edible Sequins

Christmas Crystals

Mint Chocolate Chip with Red Velvet Cake Cookies

I am very satisfied with this recipe and will continue to make future Mint Panda Chip accordingly.

Peppermint Piñata Sammies

Tilde.  That’s the symbol above the “n” in “Piñata”. It’s like a little flashy sequin to remind us  how special this object is.

What started off as a New Moon themed mess ended up as a cool and random experiment. Long cone short, I wanted to make a New Moon ice cream that was blood red with white chocolate chips (for fangs). Well the blood got sucked out of me and I ran out of red so the color was Pepto-Teenie Bopper.  (It was like edible Teen Spirit deodorant but yummier and less filmy.) I got all Bella Swan and whimpered and stared out the window for awhile while I contemplated the true difference between a unicorn and piñata.  They are essentially the same beast. One eats rainbows and glitter while the other binges on candy like it’s Halloween 24/7. The only difference really is that one is evangelized and the other is physically mauled at parties.

I had always intended the flavor to be peppermint . I was just going to make round sugar cookies and slap the Pepto spread on there and call it a day. Then I remembered my friend had given me a unicorn and penguin cookie cutter for my b-day last year. (I have a history and love for piñatas and unicorns).  One thing led to another and came up with piñata cookies. They are uniformed into piñatas by  just colored coconut sprinkled on a basic glaze. I present you the lifeline of Peppermint Piñata Sammies:

Uninata (Unicorn + Piñata) & Penguins

Piñata: Life's Candied Hot Pocket.

Pregnant with Peppermint Ice Cream

Pack of Piñatas (Band Name?)