Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.

Non-Ice Cream


Caveat: This isn’t an ice cream experiment. Why am I blogging about it? We all lost an hour of our life today with daylight savings and I want to redeem the 23  hours I have left with something that will make me feel like I had 24 hours. [Drum roll]


We begin with the sticky, sugary, and colorful pillows:  the peep. I know of very few food items that have the charisma that peeps have.  Most people don’t like them and I can’t say I’m terribly a big fan but I love looking at them. They glisten, what other food glistens like this?


Soldier Peeps reporting for pancake duty
Front n’ Center Sir.

It’s sad. I had to.


Fallen Soldiers

It’s ok…they met a great friend…the giant edible hug. THE PANCAKE.


taking a bath in pancake batter

(What are the black specs? Vanilla beans. Oh. yes. I. did)


Mingling on the burner...

drum roll again………………



How did they taste? FLUFF-E. Fluffy is a taste? YES. I think in addition to the other 5 tastes the tongue recognizes, fluffy should be added. I used a ton of baking powder so these suckers rose…they were like balloons taking flight for a voyage making their way to the Reno balloon festival.  The peeps remained in tact for the most part, they didn’t stray from their position that much. I was surprised they didn’t dye the batter more but the sugar is pretty caked on peeps so I guess it makes sense.


Peepcake X-Ray

Would I make these again? No. I did it in desperation because of the shocking effect daylight savings has…or because I woke up with an itch to just do it. You decide but I can tell you that when clocks fall back in the fall…there’s no telling what I will do with that extra hour.