Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.


American Bites

Fireworks, hot dogs, burgers, DORITOS, eagle graphic tank tops…it’s almost 4th of July…bring these to your bbq!

American Bites






Tipsy Citrus Sorbet

I always had a thing for Bill Nye the Science Guy…know why? I love science!  Science is very much a large component to ice cream making which is another reason why I love it. Science comes into play heavily with sorbet making because it’s figuring out the right balance between sugar and water. Sorbet itself is really easy to make but if you want a nice consistency and texture then strap on your goggles and fire up the Bunsen burner. (don’t)

Another culinary treat based on science is wine. I recently went to Napa Valley and picked up some bottles of white wine to experiment with….DOUBLE SCIENCE!

Ledson Orange Muscat

Orange Muscat Mugshot

When I tasted this wine, the synapses in the brain yelled “CITRUS. NOW.” I obliged and like the Beastie Boys, I wrangled up a trio of citrus fruits that I thought would pair (and rap) well together.

Grapefruit Mugshot

Tangerine Mugshot

Lemon Mugshot

I used a healthy 1/2 cup of wine because I wanted the muscat to come through and not just use it as a sorbet softener. The rest was up to the citrus trio which all played well together and I have to say to this is my  new favorite sorbet flavor. It’s extremely refreshing for a spring day and I didn’t really want to share it with others but I sorta did.

Tipsy Citrus

(yes it is served in a frozen tangerine peel cup)

The texture is SPOT ON. It’s actually CREAMY which makes me squirm with excitement! Thank you science, you know how to make a girl grin. (the wine helps too)

Mintcumber Sorbet

I remember the first time I tried cucumber in water, it was in Palm Springs and I remember thinking why the hell didn’t I think of that? Crisp, subtle, quenching and refreshing…all adjectives that make me grin.

Cucumber Mugshot

I wasn’t sure how the consistency was going to be for this sorbet because cucumbers are kinda like a tomato…gutsy. I removed the seed layer of the cucumbers so I just worked with the straw-like tube of cool. I pureed it and got this mush of cucumber that smelled lovely. I then went to town with our other friend: Mint.

Mint Mugshot

Sliced and diced mint in the chopping robot while a really light simple syrup brewed on the stove. I reduced the simple syrup mixture because I didn’t want it to be the Kanye West of the show..I wanted the cucumber and mint to shine.

Mintcumber Sorbet

I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this. My only wish is that it wasn’t so scrape-like, wanted the consistency to be a wee bit creamier. Overall though I really enjoyed this and it was really refreshing as my friends and I enjoyed it outside on a warm summer day.

Corn on the Cone

Corn. Simple. Distinct. In practically everything we buy. I had heard about corn ice cream a few years ago when I was visiting New York and saw it in a parlor. I was curious and at the time passed on it because I wanted to try NYC’s infamous “pinkberry” instead. Eh. Looking back I wish I had tried the corn…

Corn Mugshot

To preface, I love corn. On the cob is my favorite method of eating it…fresh, summery, BUTTERY. I have a friend who can wipe an ear of corn in about 45 minutes but that thing is bare naked at the end..not one single kernel is left on it. I call her “clean corn” time to time because of this distinguished method of eating.

Corn Teeth

I took a field trip during lunch to the Ferry Building for their weekly Farmer’s Market and I was delighted to see fresh corn. I opted for the multi-color corn because I thought it would look prettier once I mangled it up. When I got it home I sliced off the corn from the cobs and threw it in with milk, sugar, cream and also the freshly cut cob. Let that sucker warm for a bit then let it infuse for about 30 minutes. THE SMELL. THE SMEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. My word. It smelled like a summer scratch and sniff sticker. It was so wonderful and nostalgic of old time summer days. After the infusion, I blended the mixture to get it smooth and then put it back on the stove while I geared up for the egg and sugar tag team. This flavor was more time consuming as compared to other flavors but well worth it.

Corn on the Cone

The taste…exactly what you think it is. Corn. I really enjoy this one but can see that it might not be for everyone. I’m bringing it to a 4th of July BBQ so I think it will be appropriate and compliment the gluttony of “American Food.”

Corn on the Blue Bowl

Shirley Temple Bunny Bites

I wish more accidents went like this one.  I was trying to make a completely different ice cream sandwich for a gathering and needless to say my batch was not going to be done in time. I had made Shirley Temple Sorbet a few days prior so I had that chillin’ in the freezer with no plans except to enjoy it myself. Fast forward to when I went to the store and came across these festive bunny face head cookies.

Bunny Cookie Collage

To my pleasant surprise, sorbet is 1.87654 billion times easier to make a sandwich with vs. ice cream. I’m still somewhat struggling on a cohesive sammie making process. I’ve tried various formats, and still run into issues. Nonetheless, I have found that sorbets are a sammie’s knight in shining armor. They mesh wonderfully, and sorbet is incredibly easy to mold in the cookie. In addition to the flexibility, sorbet doesn’t melt nearly as fast as ice cream does, so it was nice to not have to rush. The cookies were on the harder side so upon a chomp, the sorbet would squeeze out the edges. Wasn’t too pumped about that but it comes with the territory, these ready-made cookies have texture restrictions.

This was definitely a moment of accidental bliss 🙂

Shirley Temple Bunny Bites

Bunny Faces

Cantaloupe Craving Sorbet

This was an impromptu experiment as a result of some exciting news at work. A friend/co-worker shared the  news of an addition to her family due in October! YAY! My immediate response was “Congratulations! What flavor ice cream do you want?” She mentioned the crisp and relaxing cantaloupe has been one of her cravings. I noticed her eating it last week and didn’t really know it was in season but she shared some and it was tasty.

I wish perfume makers paid more attention to cantaloupes. They smell delightful and fresh, I would even like my laundry detergent in on this smell. The skin of a cantaloupe reminds me of  the back my TV stand… highways of information connecting stuff together.

Cantaloupe mugshot

Sorbets are easier to make than a Brittney Spears song. Simple syrup + fruit = done. I cut up pieces of the cantaloupe and dropped it off at the liquid butcher, a.k.a. the blender. The color was phenomenal, a soft orange that was so soothing it was like aloe for your eyes.

Cantaloupe X-Ray

Congratulations Cantaloupes!

Baby & Momma Cantaloupe

Mama Cantaloupe

Shirley Temple Sorbet

“THE drink” in ’91. Or at least it was for me. To this day I still love Shirley Temples. I have grenadine on my shelf next to my Bailey’s as a reminder that “kid drinks” are just as cool as “grown up drinks”. As a refresher, a Shirley Temple is lemon and lime soda mixed with grenadine then garnished with a cherry. There are some variations but this is how I drank it in the 90’s.  Lemon and Lime are like the Batman and Robin of citrus fruits.  They “POW” – “ZING”- “KICK” your taste buds with their flavor.

Lime Mugshot

Lemon Mugshot

It’s been warmer in these here parts of lovely S.F. and I wanted something refreshing. I have been counting the degrees until it was appropriate to make this sour n’ sour tag team. I found a recipe for Shirley Temple ice cream but I wanted the lemon and lime uncensored so I opted for a sorbet.

I winged it and came up with a  process that was easy enough:  liquefy/chop lemons and limes, mix with some  soda water, then mingle with simple syrup. After negotiating with the cap of grenadine that was protesting to say on the bottle, I finally got to the red sugary liquid and reunited it with the lemon/lime/sugar medley. NOTE: If you own grenadine, do a routine maintenance and make sure the cap isn’t attached to the bottle, it’ll save you many ” mother &^%$ get off!”

The taste is potent. I attribute it to the fact that I didn’t use just the juices from the fruit but the actual fruit itself.  I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency. (If you can’t tell by now I’m rather obsessed with consistency and textures).  Shirley is smooth like margarine in a tub, not too icicle-y which I was envisioning.  The grenadine comes through at the very end like the encore to the whole refreshing show.  Next time I think I’ll throw in a little mint to distract a little from the lemon/lime romance. Thumbs up to the cotton candy color and spring!

Shirley Temple Sorbet