Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.

Summer Flavors

August Flavor: Peach Tree

After a three striped celebration of ice cream in July…I’m going to continue the fruit train with August’s flavor of Peach!

August is about nature’s fuzzy friend, the peach. Under the soft bristles of fruit whiskers lies summer’s candy bowl.  Peaches are in bloom and ready to shed their fuzzy coat for a dip in a vanilla and honey base with a hint of lemon to finish off the summer breeze. (This isn’t meant to sound like a candle description but it’s getting close.) Georgia is a bit of a hike, but I’m actually going peach picking specifically for this months’ flavor so they will be as fresh as can be…hopefully a video will follow. Look for this month’s flavor Peach Tree flavor to be delivered to your mouth the week of Aug. 15th!

Peach Tree


Happy 4th of July!

Nothing says America like eagles and ice cream! Above is strawberry, vanilla bean and blueberry…red, white and blue(ish)!

American Bites

Fireworks, hot dogs, burgers, DORITOS, eagle graphic tank tops…it’s almost 4th of July…bring these to your bbq!

American Bites





Blue Graham

‘Tis the season for those little bundles of blue bites of berry. (yeah that’s right I just typed that) Blueberries are great, they are so mysterious…they have this semi-thick  blue/violet skin that pretends to be tough but inside they have this clear-ish mild filling gel.

blueberry x-ray

I made blueberry ice cream last year but was still getting down the whole texture thing so I wanted to try it again this year with a few modifications. The first being obviously the vanilla beans I’m obsessed with it,  some lemon, and GRAHAM CRACKERS. Cinnamon and blueberries are a great combo so I opted for the “cinnamon” variety of graham crackers and had a blast eating them along the way. They are like slabs of edible sand paper that carves a nice nestled spot of delicious on your taste buds. (wow I am wordy today).

graham cracker stack

graham crackers mugshot

Fact: Loved this. I brought it into work and my cubicle friends really like it as well..perfect for a semi-summer day in SF. The key to making anything with fruit is to make sure it’s fresh and this was indeed a fresh group of blueberry pearls.

Blue Graham Scoop

I had to…they are my new thing…blue graham bites!

blue graham bite

Sprinkle Face


It’s like I’m the Bride of Frankenstein and I have a white streak of coconut in my hair…I just can’t stop making coconut flavored ice cream! Next up on the list is Pineapple + Coconut:

Pineapple Mugshot

What’s under this Tyrannosaurus Rex skin?

Pineapple X-Ray

If I had this much deliciousness under my skin I would want to protect it too. “The Club” that folks like to use on their steering wheel just doesn’t cut it…you need dinosaur skin to protect this deliciousness. So I whipped up back-to-back batches, the coconut was an ice cream and the pineapple was a sorbet. A very lazy sorbet. I didn’t bother making it into a true sorbet with simple syrup, I wanted the pineapple to be hard so it would stand out, so it was just  puree with some sugar and water in there. The result:


(Yes I’m a  nerd and bought umbrellas)

I consider this edible Hawaii…minus the volcanoes. Actually this ice cream is so refreshing it could stop a 9 mile rushing lava stream straight in its tracks. The lava would nom on this flavor and say “You know what, I’m done with this gig of burning stuff, I’m gonna mellow out.”

Cocomango Resort

I hate “sitting” in the sun and cooking in its Weber grill of ultraviolet rays so with that, I’m not really a “beach person.”   That all changed with this flavor, it was like an edible beach resort minus the tacky shirts.

Coconut Mugshot

Coconut is refreshing, cool, unique, complex and with street cred like this it was time to play around with it. My goal was for the flavor to not taste like sunscreen and while I poked around looking at recipes, I looked to the all mighty David Lebovitz for his take. I tweaked it slightly as I didn’t want to toast the coconut, because I don’t really like toasted flavor things.  I ended up blending cream, sugar,  milk and one cup sweetened coconut flakes in a pot and let that warm for a little bit then infuse for about an hour. I drained the coconut shreds and added one more cup of cream and let that warm again while I prepared two tbsp of corn starch. I’m still on this corn starch kick because I love how it doesn’t affect the flavor of the base whereas egg yolks (depending on the flavor of the ice cream can affect the flavor.)

For me coconut is a wing man, a Robin, a Ben Affleck, I get bored with its flavor when its by itself so I paired it with the Matt Damon of fruits, the Mango.  Sturdy, independent, wonderful and talented are all traits I see in the mango so I made a really small batch of sorbet and swirled it in.

Mango Mugshot

The coconut dominated, but the mango was there to be supportive on coconut’s quest to transform your mouth from a sandy hot dessert to a cool, breezy beach resort.  The texture was soft and cloud-like, extremely easy to scoop and very creamy. Who needs a sunburn from sitting in the sun when you scoop out a couple dollops of edible aloe?

Cocomango Resort

Mangood Sorbet

Man this was good mango sorbet, hence the name. This was a request from a pal at work who at first claimed “oh I don’t want any ice cream.” Ew. She got sense back in her and requested mango sorbet:

Mango Mugshot

I love the skin of a mango, it’s like a hypercolor shirt, each day it could be a different color. My latest goal for sorbets is trying to make them creamier and less icy. I researched and found only  a handful of suggestions: increase the sugar, use alcohol or use some chemical sugar thing.  I actually try to use less sugar than most recipes call for in sorbets because I want the fruit to come out more and I don’t think it really needs it.  Alcohol does work effectively but I tried something new this time, salt. It makes sense because think about when it snows and you want to melt the ice quickly, you throw salt on there. Granted this is edible salt but still it gets in there to break up the freezing process. EUREKA!

Mangood Sorbet

This photo is a wee bit deceiving, it wasn’t THIS wet and shiny. I took it about 15 minutes after I made it so it was glistening like Edward Cullen in the sun.  Mangood did hold up though and was creamy after hours in the freezer. Would definitely make this again and would like to try it as a swirl with vanilla bean.