Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.


One Year of Ice Cream

Today marks my one year anniversary of making ice cream! I thought it was around this time and sure enough when I looked at my first post, Pancake Ice Cream, it was dated 9/11/09.  In one year I have made 55 flavors and each one I learned something new.  Reasons why I adore this hobby:

  1. I’m learning. Cooking, baking, science, photography, writing, it’s all here. So many things I love compiled into one.
  2. I’m committed. I want to make ice cream and I’ve kept up this blog. I usually get bored with most things  but with this particular hobby I keep motivating myself and always  finding flavors and techniques that I want to try.
  3. Happy. I  love making ice cream mainly because I want to share it with people. Seeing people happy and nomming is a great feeling and it’s my pleasure to make it for people.
  4. I love ice cream. It’s a food like nothing else, it’s simple, complex, fun, cold, creamy, nostalgic and handsome.

Tonight as I sat and ate Goat Cheese Lemon and watched Mad Men I reflected into a montage of this little hobby of mine and I grinned. Some of my favorite flavors and shots:

Salted Caramel Mirage


Twinkie Feast

Mint & Oreo Mugshot

Strawberry Mugshot

Plain Jane Vanilla Bean

Green Tea Powder Mugshot

Irish Car Bomb

Blueberry Pancake FTW

Happy Peep in the Grass


Lady in Red Blueberry Ice Cream

Frosty Badge: COMPLETE

The only downside to this hobby is the……health issues. Let’s be honest, ice cream is not going to be the dietary substance that will land you with a shopping spree at Forever 21.  A pint of cream is listed as having 54 servings per container. PAUSE.  I can’t think about that right now. Here’s to another great year of experiments!



As 2009 takes a back seat next to Ms. Daisy, I  reflect in a montage of thoughts and goals. Making ice cream is a very fun hobby that actually takes me away from the computer which is nice, but then puts me back to type this. Here’s a list of ideas/goals I have for the next 12 months:

1. Santa gave me a mini waffle cone maker so I can experiment with cone making and flavoring. [insert double fist pump]

2. Make ice cream for the local children’s hospital. Hopefully there aren’t too many dietary restrictions because I really want to make some fun flavors and use my sprinkles to the max.   (I also really want to get a dog this year and have he/she be a therapy dog because what a combo that would be ice cream and a dog. what an outstanding song name.)

3. I hope to enter some sort of local ice cream competition.

4. Want to use real vanilla beans.

5. Spring/Summer should provide some fun experiments with fruits and sorbets. Flavors already on the mind are: Mojito, Shirley Temple Lemon Lime sorbet (I love grenadine), Mint/Cucumber, Blueberry, Watermelon,  Tangerine, etc. eeee so excited!!

6. Try soy based ice creams for my veggie pals.

7. Santa also brought me a camera remote which will help me take better photos with the help of my three-legged friend, the tripod.

8. Going to work on staging photos, perhaps invest in some fun bowls, containers, clowns and mimes.

9. Find out shipping costs/needs.

10. Make a ridiculous commercial…as in informercial style. Wigs, black/white frustration sequence, “order now to some random town in CT,” etc. etc.

Here’s to 2010 and all that you have up your sleeve.

Welcome Sweet Tooth!

Yay first post! Ok so to the history books we go….

My friend gave me her old ice cream maker ( I harassed her) and have been wanting to experiment with flavors for awhile. We have great ice cream parlors in San Francisco with places like Bi-Rite and Humphrey Slocombe turning out awesome and unique flavors. I was inspired and always have loved ice cream so I gave it a stab. I’ll be posting pictures, updates and flavors for all the experiments. I’m going to try unique flavors and also dabble in making some mean ice cream sammiches. I’m sure some will turn out better than others…but here is going to be where I report back.