Ice Cream that high-fives your taste buds.

Winter Flavors

Cool Kid Peppermint

There’s cool, and then there’s Fonzie. This is the Fonzie of ice cream. Slick flavor and works a room like a 50’s stud. That’s this guy.

candy cane mugshot

‘Tis the season to wear questionable, yet entertaining holiday sweaters, indulge in the fact that you are drinking eggs (eggnog) and justify it with “oh only this time of year!” and last but  certainly not last…POPCORN TINS. I love these sectional snack tins and would love to know how this tradition got started but I didn’t make popcorn tin ice cream so I’m going to digress.

I used these guys, Trader Joe’s seasonal “Candy Cane Joe Joe’s”, the December cousin to the Oreo Cookie.

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

In lieu of the traditional vanilla cream filling, these little edible ornaments are filled with a candy cane cream  that’s just a dream to taste.

Candy Cane Cookie

What’s the holidays without some booze?! Sure I did! Threw in some Peppermint Shnapps for an extra splash of satisfaction and to also ensure this guy was smooth and creamy just like the man Fonzie himself.

Cool Kid Peppermint

Cool Kid Peppermint Postcard

This is the last flavor I’m doing to do for 2011 and I’m comfortable letting Fonzie lead the way into 2012. Happy Holidays!


Tipsy Patty

I’m back on the East Coast celebrating the holidays with my family and friends and decided (forced) to make ice cream for them. I get a lot of heat from them because they never get to taste my ice cream experiments and as I have said before “I AM NOT SHIPPING ICE CREAM.”  So with that said, I packed up about a half a dozen vanilla beans in my security friendly bag and made it safe and sound to the east.

I decided on a peppermint ice cream because it’s so fresh and cooling…not that we really need it on the East Coast at this time of year, but I found it very seasonal and appropriate. I made the base differently from my previous peppermint creation because I didn’t have any candy cane bits at my parents house…but I had BOOZE. I used Creme de Menthe, peppermint extract and vanilla beans. I’m not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, (I know, I know…I am crazy, delirious, a  jerk, cowardly, etc,) but when I do eat it, I thoroughly enjoy Ghirardelli chocolate. I especially like it because it’s a SF brand and thought it would be a nice inclusion. I used their “limited edition” peppermint bark.


Ghirardelli Peppermint Squares

p.s. Santa brought me a macro lens!!!!!!!!!


Peppermint Bark Mugshot

I went a little overboard with the pictures because of my new lens and my parents get amazing light in their kitchen…


Tipsy Patty

Tipsy Patty Mugshot

I really liked this one….A.LOT. The vanilla beans came through like E.T. phoning home…subtle, but loving. The Creme de Menthe was WONDERFUL, and kept this Tipsy Patty creamy and soft.  As for the crowd at hand…they seemed to enjoy it as well…


Nom Mania

Cool Kid Peppermint

This flavor is so cool it makes hipsters jealous. All it needs is a pair of skinny jeans, straight bangs and an American Apparel t-shirt and this thing is official.

hipster ice cream

I’m getting ahead of myself. I made this flavor for a friend’s birthday party per his request. I had these wonderful broken pieces of candy cane bits  and finally put them to good use.

candy cane mugshot

For the base I used a good helping of peppermint schnapps for two reasons:

  1. Flavor:  I didn’t think the bits would be enough, I wanted the base to really taste like peppermint on its own.
  2. Creamy Factor: Alcohol doesn’t freeze and is a great additive to ice cream and sorbets because it keeps ice cream from fully freezing. I didn’t use any egg yolks or corn starch on this cool kid because of the alcohol and like a good fake ID it did the trick.

The consistency was creamy, a little sticky, but everything stuck together like a cool clique hanging out by lockers. The candy cane bits were a nice refresher at the end and gave it a nice crunch. I really enjoyed this cool flavor and it was a nice accompaniment to a chocolate cupcake which was served all together at the party.

Peppermint Ice Cream

I would adore nomming this on a cold winter night, with snow falling in the background but I’m cool with eating it on any given breezy San Francisco night.

Cool Kid


Christmas Mint Velvet Sammies

Velvet and Christmas remind me of a green dress I was forced to wear to a family Xmas party in ’86.

So for a holiday gathering appropriately called “Chrismakkah”, I decided to go all out and mix and match some of my previous attempts but with the tweaks I wanted to try. The red velvet sammies were scrumptious but I got some feedback about the thickness of the cookie so I turned down the baking soda and this batch turned out much thinner but still soft like a pillow.

Christmas Velvet

For the mint panda chip ice cream, I wasn’t totally satisfied with my previous attempt,  so I ditched all the recipes I have read and did it  “My Way.” (Wow how Frank Sinatra of me).

Mint Mugshot

I ended up pureeing fresh mint leaves with milk and half n’ half. I used half n’ half because I didn’t need the ice cream to be creamy because of it’s position between the red velvet patties. I let this sucker warm and then let it steep for about 20 minutes. Smelled wonderful and the color of the liquid began to turn to a subtle green.

Mint Mosaic

Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag if I write my special ingredient. (This “Cat’s out of the bag” phrase concerns me because why was a cat in a bag to begin with?) I digress. I added a teaspoon of Peppermint Schnapps for the extra mint burst. I let this Mosaic sit and cool overnight for an extended recess where everyone could play with one another.

Morning After Mint

Drained Mint Brains

I wanted these sammies to mimic the holiday cheer I actually like. Colorful and fun to the point of vegas-y looking.  I dipped into my growing collection of sprinkles and let them run the show.

Edible Sequins

Christmas Crystals

Mint Chocolate Chip with Red Velvet Cake Cookies

I am very satisfied with this recipe and will continue to make future Mint Panda Chip accordingly.

Peppermint Piñata Sammies

Tilde.  That’s the symbol above the “n” in “Piñata”. It’s like a little flashy sequin to remind us  how special this object is.

What started off as a New Moon themed mess ended up as a cool and random experiment. Long cone short, I wanted to make a New Moon ice cream that was blood red with white chocolate chips (for fangs). Well the blood got sucked out of me and I ran out of red so the color was Pepto-Teenie Bopper.  (It was like edible Teen Spirit deodorant but yummier and less filmy.) I got all Bella Swan and whimpered and stared out the window for awhile while I contemplated the true difference between a unicorn and piñata.  They are essentially the same beast. One eats rainbows and glitter while the other binges on candy like it’s Halloween 24/7. The only difference really is that one is evangelized and the other is physically mauled at parties.

I had always intended the flavor to be peppermint . I was just going to make round sugar cookies and slap the Pepto spread on there and call it a day. Then I remembered my friend had given me a unicorn and penguin cookie cutter for my b-day last year. (I have a history and love for piñatas and unicorns).  One thing led to another and came up with piñata cookies. They are uniformed into piñatas by  just colored coconut sprinkled on a basic glaze. I present you the lifeline of Peppermint Piñata Sammies:

Uninata (Unicorn + Piñata) & Penguins

Piñata: Life's Candied Hot Pocket.

Pregnant with Peppermint Ice Cream

Pack of Piñatas (Band Name?)