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The Lucky Blackout Surprise

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Being from the Boston area and having a dash of Irish blood in me, it’s kind of impossible not to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. I opted to celebrate with a traditional Irish cocktail. The Irish Car Bomb. My friend suggested this blackout catalyst a few weeks ago and I jumped all over the idea. I’ve worked with Bailey’s twice now and have been wanting to experiment with beer so this seemed like the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Guinness Mug Shot

An Irish Car bomb is a shot of Jameson Whiskey mixed with Bailey’s then dropped in a glass of Guinness. I’ve actually never done one to my knowledge but then again knowing me I could have and not remembered? What?  When I looked at recipes I found many recipes for Guinness ice cream which my friend made a few years ago (the same creative baking friend/original owner of my ice cream machine). It was VERY good and wasn’t too strong. I found some recipes for Irish Car Bomb ice cream but they didn’t really do it for me. One recipe even called for 16 egg yolks which made my computer monitor fat.

I kind of went nuts on this one and mixed more ingredients than I ever have.  Usually I stick to a few basics but for this leprechaun I wanted it to be a pot of gold of flavors. I stuck to the three libations: Guinness, Bailey’s and whiskey but then added some surprises.  Like a typical Irish poem, I’ll keep it real, I’ll expose my secrets. A tablespoon of Nutella and a dash of honey. WHAAAATTTTTTTT.

This ice cream is richer than Bill Gates and smoother than Lionel Richie. HANDS. DOWN. This sucker is so thick that when I tried to dye it green, the mixture devoured the food coloring like an appetizer at TGIFridays. I felt like it laughed at my attempt to be festive. [sigh.] So needless to say the color is still brown.


The Drunken Girl Scout

FOR.THE.WIN. I used to be a girl scout and if there was a badge for ice cream then I would have been more likely to stick with it…though in retrospect I would like to know how to start a fire with my bare hands. Alas, that wasn’t the case so here I am writing about booze and ice cream.  My previous use of girl scout cookies was simple, but I thought thin mints needed to be a bit naughtier. Insert Bailey’s Irish cream.

Thin Mint Mugshot

Thin mints are pretty interesting because they have this chocolate cape hiding their inner sassy mint self. The first thing that jumps out about thin mints is the waxy decor of the chocolate cape. I get it now.Without the wax/gloss, the chocolate would just melt and the inner sassy self would be exposed leaving no room for courtship.

Thin Mints X-Ray

Thin Mint Guts

I actually didn’t want this one to end, savoring every s’nom before it took  the Slip n’ Slide down the hatch. While this ice cream doesn’t have the prestige of helping a senior citizen cross the street, it sure does feel good.

Frosty Badge: COMPLETE

Frosty Thin Mint Dollop

Bailey’s Chocolate with Tim Tam’s

Up until this experiment, I had not made ice cream with egg yolks. Most recipes call for eggs which is more custard based and gives it a creamy, smooth texture that feels like a newly paved road. I found my previous attempts were creamy but can see a difference. Also learned that sans-egg recipes are more likely to get a mean rash a.k.a freezer burn. So I eased into the eggs by using one. I quickly learned the delicate usage of using eggs, and saw little chunks were actually cooked. GASP! I channeled my inner Baywatch lifeguard and rescued them from the mixture. Phew life can go on.

Tim Tam’s are an Australian cookie that is equivalent to our Oreo in the sense of its user’s behavior. There is a special way you are supposed to eat it called a  “Tim Tam Slam” .  Watch Video It’s a light chocolate cookie/biscuit that is very enjoyable and since it is paired with coffee I thought Bailey’s would be a nice BFF for the concoction. I slapped myself high-five as I was a huge fan of this recipe. The consistency was a nice and smooth because the Bailey’s prevented it from getting super hard. G’Day Mate, my mouth thanks your for your down under treats!

No Kangaroos were harmed during the process of making this ice cream.