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Happy 4th of July!

Nothing says America like eagles and ice cream! Above is strawberry, vanilla bean and blueberry…red, white and blue(ish)!


American Bites

Fireworks, hot dogs, burgers, DORITOS, eagle graphic tank tops…it’s almost 4th of July…bring these to your bbq!

American Bites





Blue Graham

‘Tis the season for those little bundles of blue bites of berry. (yeah that’s right I just typed that) Blueberries are great, they are so mysterious…they have this semi-thick  blue/violet skin that pretends to be tough but inside they have this clear-ish mild filling gel.

blueberry x-ray

I made blueberry ice cream last year but was still getting down the whole texture thing so I wanted to try it again this year with a few modifications. The first being obviously the vanilla beans I’m obsessed with it,  some lemon, and GRAHAM CRACKERS. Cinnamon and blueberries are a great combo so I opted for the “cinnamon” variety of graham crackers and had a blast eating them along the way. They are like slabs of edible sand paper that carves a nice nestled spot of delicious on your taste buds. (wow I am wordy today).

graham cracker stack

graham crackers mugshot

Fact: Loved this. I brought it into work and my cubicle friends really like it as well..perfect for a semi-summer day in SF. The key to making anything with fruit is to make sure it’s fresh and this was indeed a fresh group of blueberry pearls.

Blue Graham Scoop

I had to…they are my new thing…blue graham bites!

blue graham bite

Sprinkle Face

Blueberry Ice Cream Pancake Smammies (kinda)

Yes I meant to type Smammies. When dealing or talking about pancakes I become a different person. The name alone brings a smile to my face.  Besides the word “beak”, I think pancakes have THE perfect name. If I were given the task of naming pancakes back in the day I would either gone with “pancake” or “edible squishy lily pad.”

Pancake Pals

The very first ice cream experiment I had was with pancakes so clearly I have a weak spot for these pan cooked palms of cake.  If I were to have a “signature” ice cream I want it to involve pancakes. There I said it. So this time I opted to use the p-cakes as the “cookie” to an ice cream sandwich. [insert a beam of light sent from above] .

Personally I like my pancakes plain Jane…meaning no syrup, fruit, chocolate, glitter, etc. A simple pat of butter will suffice. However I wanted to play around with fruit and pancakes so I opted for blueberry because it’s my second favorite fruit after oranges.

Blueberry Mugshot

Blueberry X-Ray

Most recipes call for melting down the blueberries with sugar. I complied and got a fantastic glassy magenta ooze:

Blueberry Ice Rink

While the magenta ooze  erupted, I got the rest of the ingredients acquainted: milk, cream, eggs, and sugar. After they exchanged business cards, I make the intro to the blueberry magenta ooze. After chilling in the fridge for a few hours, I noticed blueberry ooze was shy and wasn’t really coming out in the flavor. I turned to the other package of blueberries and just chopped them up in the liquid butcher (the blender). I added them to the mix and let chill overnight. This is exactly what the magenta ooze needed, a little confidence.

Lady in Red Blueberry Ice Cream

(is this background too red? Wasn’t sure.)

Classic Blueberry Ice Cream

Sooooo back to the “smammies” part. Not so much. I tested two ice cream sammies with the pancakes because I wasn’t sure how hard the pancakes would get and didn’t want to waste the ice cream. Good call. The pancakes became rock  hard and didn’t work so well so I will have to go back to the drawing board and try making more of a pancake-esk cookie.

Blueberry Pancake Smammies