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ForageSF Menu

Here’s what the menu looks like! Hope to see you on Saturday!

menu for ForageSF May

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Spring Violet

I recently discovered  how much I really enjoy this season, I think it’s because living in SF is like a permanent state of spring.  Flowers are indicative of spring so why not test out edible flowers like candied violet petals!

candied violet mugshot

To make these, you just get violet leaves, drench them in sugar and let them dry.  They are extremely crunchy and flavorful, they taste like a calm high five, they are excited and eager but yet soothing in delivery.

Candied Violet Petals

For my base I made a vanilla bean and lemon starter kit. (It’s true, I use vanilla for everything because I have a huge crush on it). I was curious to see how the ‘nilla would play along with the violet and it seemed to work  nicely, the lemon didn’t really come through a whole lot but I only used a half of one. (I think) The texture was soft and creamy and I didn’t use any egg yolks because I’m a thug.

Spring Violet

Spring Violet

(yes I took a billion pictures because it’s purple)

Spring Violet