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Cupid’s Chocolate

I don’t like chocolate. I’m human I swear. There are a handful of food items that my taste buds  missed the boat on and chocolate is one of them. I don’t get it. People would sell their right big toe for decadent chocolate but my sweet tooth snoozes over the sight of it. I’m providing context because I never make chocolate ice cream. I made it twice, once in the form of Mexican Chocolate which had some kick, and then a Nutella/Chocolate “fusion” (I think that descriptor is funny because isn’t everything a fusion?) I digress…

the chocolate trio

So if I was going to make chocolate, I figured do it for the “holiday” that seems to interest me as much as chocolate. Valentine’s Day. When your holiday staple candy  is “Conversation Hearts” you know the holiday lacks depth. No this won’t be a single girl’s rant about my feelings about Valentine’s day, I just think cupid has other intentions than delivering them on chalk flavored edible love fragments. [queue Tori Amos]


I ended up with a  blend of chocolate: melted down some Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips, Hersey’s chocolate powder and some Nutella. Let those guys speed date together and then introduced them to their blind dates: cream, sugar, and milk. Everyone seemed to hit it off and there was some chemistry going on.


I was a little selfish. I wanted to somewhat like this ice cream so I made Rice Krispie treats and threw them in the love boat. I always feel chocolate  needs some crunch so Rice Krispies filled in the blank I was missing.

rice krispie treat

Overall I’m satisfied with how it turned out, but then again I’m not the best Judge Judy on this one. I’ll let the people’s court decide for me…

Cupid's "Beer Gut" = Chocolate Gut?

We all have guts of something (beer, cheese, pizza, fries) and I guess chocolate is Cupid’s…


Cupid's Chocolate


Would You like S’more?

mmmm edible campfire. Made this triple trouble of goodness for a co-worker’s birthday per her request. I was delighted as I am a huge fan of s’mores mainly for the marshmallows. I am addicted to the smell, outer texture, taste, everything. It’s like a little sugary ravioli filled with sticky smiles.

Marshmallow Mugshot

I was originally going to do chocolate and marshmallow swirls but that didn’t end up happening. When I melted both down, they each posed their own adolescent issues so I moved on. I just tore up the sugary raviolis into pieces and did something  random with the chocolate. After melting it, I let it cool completely and the result was a fun texture of really soft brownie bits so I threw them in as is. I didn’t want to use chocolate chips because they would compete with the crunch of the graham crackers, and was weary of having the ice cream be too crunchy. I was very pleased with how the graham crackers pulled through…soft and comforting.

It's like camping minus the bug spray and damp sleeping bags.

Bailey’s Chocolate with Tim Tam’s

Up until this experiment, I had not made ice cream with egg yolks. Most recipes call for eggs which is more custard based and gives it a creamy, smooth texture that feels like a newly paved road. I found my previous attempts were creamy but can see a difference. Also learned that sans-egg recipes are more likely to get a mean rash a.k.a freezer burn. So I eased into the eggs by using one. I quickly learned the delicate usage of using eggs, and saw little chunks were actually cooked. GASP! I channeled my inner Baywatch lifeguard and rescued them from the mixture. Phew life can go on.

Tim Tam’s are an Australian cookie that is equivalent to our Oreo in the sense of its user’s behavior. There is a special way you are supposed to eat it called a  “Tim Tam Slam” .  Watch Video It’s a light chocolate cookie/biscuit that is very enjoyable and since it is paired with coffee I thought Bailey’s would be a nice BFF for the concoction. I slapped myself high-five as I was a huge fan of this recipe. The consistency was a nice and smooth because the Bailey’s prevented it from getting super hard. G’Day Mate, my mouth thanks your for your down under treats!

No Kangaroos were harmed during the process of making this ice cream.