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Tipsy Patty

I’m back on the East Coast celebrating the holidays with my family and friends and decided (forced) to make ice cream for them. I get a lot of heat from them because they never get to taste my ice cream experiments and as I have said before “I AM NOT SHIPPING ICE CREAM.”  So with that said, I packed up about a half a dozen vanilla beans in my security friendly bag and made it safe and sound to the east.

I decided on a peppermint ice cream because it’s so fresh and cooling…not that we really need it on the East Coast at this time of year, but I found it very seasonal and appropriate. I made the base differently from my previous peppermint creation because I didn’t have any candy cane bits at my parents house…but I had BOOZE. I used Creme de Menthe, peppermint extract and vanilla beans. I’m not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, (I know, I know…I am crazy, delirious, a  jerk, cowardly, etc,) but when I do eat it, I thoroughly enjoy Ghirardelli chocolate. I especially like it because it’s a SF brand and thought it would be a nice inclusion. I used their “limited edition” peppermint bark.


Ghirardelli Peppermint Squares

p.s. Santa brought me a macro lens!!!!!!!!!


Peppermint Bark Mugshot

I went a little overboard with the pictures because of my new lens and my parents get amazing light in their kitchen…


Tipsy Patty

Tipsy Patty Mugshot

I really liked this one….A.LOT. The vanilla beans came through like E.T. phoning home…subtle, but loving. The Creme de Menthe was WONDERFUL, and kept this Tipsy Patty creamy and soft.  As for the crowd at hand…they seemed to enjoy it as well…


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