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October Flavor: Candy Corn Costume

Trick or ice cream! I wish more homes gave out ice cream in lieu of candy but the whole razor thing…I digress. This month’s flavor is about the multi-colored sugary fangs we all love this time of  year…CANDY CORN!

candy corn mugshot

I tried a new method for this batch, the rock and salt process. This is the traditional way of making ice cream where you layer ice and rock salt to produce a below than freezing brine that ends up making the base turn to creamy and blankety ice cream! It’s a bit more time consuming but I am very pleased with the texture and creaminess so I tip my hat to you again science. K, back to the visuals…

Candy Corn Costume Ice Cream

I found edible googly eyes that I’m throwing in for club members so they can dress up their ice cream too.

Candy Corn Costume Ice Cream


Candy Corn Ice Cream (Part II)

You know the drill. Whether you like it or not, candy corn IS Halloween. I think those cheap plastic masks are secretly made out of candy corn…the aroma and fumes those things give off is scary in itself.

Candy Corn Mugshot

I call this Part II because this was one of my first experiments last year and boy what a difference a little practice and selection of right vanilla beans can do. Last year I didn’t use any “creaming” aid, meaning ingredients that help ice cream get their creamy edge  such as egg yolks or corn starch.  I also used vanilla extract last year… GASP!  This year I did a few new things, first is I used a few tablespoons of corn starch to make sure this ghoul was soft and creamy. The major difference though is that I bought a new batch of vanilla beans.  I was using Tahitian beans for awhile and read up a little about vanilla and thought I would try Madagascar vanilla beans. There’s a difference you ask? Switching to Madagascar beans was like switching your bed sheets to fresh ones straight from the dryer. INCREDIBLE. There’s no going back after this. They are so much sweeter, warm, and fresh tasting…they are like the perfect Tetris piece to ice cream.

Candy Corn Ice Cream

In addition to the new vanilla beans, I also added broken up pieces of honey graham crackers which added a nice mellow flavor to the sweet heap of Halloween. I have made about 3 batches (6 pints) of this flavor so far this season and the only thing that’s stopping me is Walgreens and their inventory of candy corn.