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ForageSF Menu

Here’s what the menu looks like! Hope to see you on Saturday!

menu for ForageSF May

Rapture Day is around the corner...take a good look now...


ForageSF May Event!

As you can see, I am very excited to be part of ForageSF again!


I’m naming this one “Lemonilla” because it’s like a nice dinosaur that roams your mouth and leaves a large refreshing footprint. (If T-Rex knew about this ice cream, he would have been a lot nicer and less roar-y.) Still loving springtime, I wanted to pay homage to mother nature for her simple goodie bag treats, lemons and vanilla.

Lemonilla Face

It’s a basic vanilla bean base with fresh lemon juice and creamy like the milky way…

Lemonilla: a stand up citizen

What I like the most about this flavor is how calming it is, it tastes like a breezy Sunday afternoon, free of stress, responsibilities and agendas. The lemon isn’t there to startle you because the vanilla has a giant bear hug on it and the two are just swinging in the breeze. They get along so well they made baby lemonillas on top of mini nilla wafer cookies…

Lemonilla Bites

The flavor doesn’t go extinct which is my favorite part, it lingers for awhile reminding you to relax.

The Elka

The what? No I did not add elk or a Scandinavian girl to my ice cream. “The Elka” is named after my friend from work who requested this flavor as part of her last day at work. (Her name is actually not “Elka” at all but that’s just what we call her.)

Elka LOVES bananas. If I were corny I would say she goes bananas over bananas, ew. Anyway she eats one every morning and as we all know the laws of physics, when one eats a banana, one gets banana voice. “Banana voice?” Yes.

Definition of Banana Voice

Elka  had banana voice… EVERYDAY. So clearly she was going to choose banana flavor ice cream. I’m not a big banana fan at all so I let her run with it, she suggested “Lis! What about banana with peanut butter cookie dough and marshmallow!” Ok, that’ll do.

Banana Giraffe Neck

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Mugshot

I was pleasantly surprised on how this turned out. Frozen bananas are quite appealing, unlike their raw mushy and smelly counterpart.  Bananas when mushed up are very thick and added a nice texture to the base pre-freezing. The result…banana drumroll please…..

The Elka: Banana and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

The Elka doing a yoga pose.

Did Elka like it?

Elka eating The Elka

She did 🙂

Tipsy Citrus Sorbet

I always had a thing for Bill Nye the Science Guy…know why? I love science!  Science is very much a large component to ice cream making which is another reason why I love it. Science comes into play heavily with sorbet making because it’s figuring out the right balance between sugar and water. Sorbet itself is really easy to make but if you want a nice consistency and texture then strap on your goggles and fire up the Bunsen burner. (don’t)

Another culinary treat based on science is wine. I recently went to Napa Valley and picked up some bottles of white wine to experiment with….DOUBLE SCIENCE!

Ledson Orange Muscat

Orange Muscat Mugshot

When I tasted this wine, the synapses in the brain yelled “CITRUS. NOW.” I obliged and like the Beastie Boys, I wrangled up a trio of citrus fruits that I thought would pair (and rap) well together.

Grapefruit Mugshot

Tangerine Mugshot

Lemon Mugshot

I used a healthy 1/2 cup of wine because I wanted the muscat to come through and not just use it as a sorbet softener. The rest was up to the citrus trio which all played well together and I have to say to this is my  new favorite sorbet flavor. It’s extremely refreshing for a spring day and I didn’t really want to share it with others but I sorta did.

Tipsy Citrus

(yes it is served in a frozen tangerine peel cup)

The texture is SPOT ON. It’s actually CREAMY which makes me squirm with excitement! Thank you science, you know how to make a girl grin. (the wine helps too)

Nutella Eggs

I remember Easter egg hunts well, a.k.a. elbowing other peers to find that golden egg full of jelly beans, quarters and lint. These hunts were like an episode straight out of Murder She Wrote… suspense, drama, typewriters, inquisitive eyes, etc.  I also remember my mother dressing me in a lace dress, bonnet and white gloves. Times have changed a bit, but Easter egg hunts should never stop…at any age…….ENTER NUTELLA EGGS.

Nutella egg with shark fin

This flavor started as a birthday gift for a friend then morphed into an Easter inspired giveaway. My goal was to make the ice cream thick and creamy like nutella’s natural state..except cold and swirled with dulche de leche. I don’t usually use a lot of ingredients but I figured the easter bunny wouldn’t mind so it was a medley of nutella, chocolate, Bailey’s, vanilla extract, salt, egg yolks and the trio of fun, sugar, milk, and cream. How creamy was this you ask?

Spoon Blanket

I had an easter egg of my own to add to this blend…dulche de leche.

dulche de leche swirls

The Easter bunny was a little lazy so I took over and filled eggs with the nutella mixture and my hiding spot wasn’t that suspenseful…Angela Lansbury would have figured it out in about 2 minutes, [insert: dramatic reenactment of events leading up to a scene of me storing the eggs in the freezer].

Nutella Eggs

Nutella Eggs

Spring Violet

I recently discovered  how much I really enjoy this season, I think it’s because living in SF is like a permanent state of spring.  Flowers are indicative of spring so why not test out edible flowers like candied violet petals!

candied violet mugshot

To make these, you just get violet leaves, drench them in sugar and let them dry.  They are extremely crunchy and flavorful, they taste like a calm high five, they are excited and eager but yet soothing in delivery.

Candied Violet Petals

For my base I made a vanilla bean and lemon starter kit. (It’s true, I use vanilla for everything because I have a huge crush on it). I was curious to see how the ‘nilla would play along with the violet and it seemed to work  nicely, the lemon didn’t really come through a whole lot but I only used a half of one. (I think) The texture was soft and creamy and I didn’t use any egg yolks because I’m a thug.

Spring Violet

Spring Violet

(yes I took a billion pictures because it’s purple)

Spring Violet