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October Flavor: Candy Corn Costume

Trick or ice cream! I wish more homes gave out ice cream in lieu of candy but the whole razor thing…I digress. This month’s flavor is about the multi-colored sugary fangs we all love this time of  year…CANDY CORN!

candy corn mugshot

I tried a new method for this batch, the rock and salt process. This is the traditional way of making ice cream where you layer ice and rock salt to produce a below than freezing brine that ends up making the base turn to creamy and blankety ice cream! It’s a bit more time consuming but I am very pleased with the texture and creaminess so I tip my hat to you again science. K, back to the visuals…

Candy Corn Costume Ice Cream

I found edible googly eyes that I’m throwing in for club members so they can dress up their ice cream too.

Candy Corn Costume Ice Cream