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September Flavor: Sweet Cookie Monster

September brings the sound of school buses, bathing suit sales, ridiculously appealing school supply displays,  and in most parts of the country the beginning of fall. Here in SF, not much changes other than the weather being absolutely perfect. It’s our “summer” which means the nights remain somewhat warm…

SF prides itself on not being like any other city so while I was originally going to do something involving apples because it’s hip and in season, I opted out. Not going to lie…not the biggest apple fan either. (Don’t get me started on “sour apple” flavored things. YAK.)  Instead I opted for a transitional flavor that could really appeal to any time of the year but felt this time was a good one since I have the rest of the months on lock down.

Sweet Cookie Monster. My my my what a toupee of sugar you have on your head.

Sweet Cookie Monster

The caramel is what really makes this cookie. I prepared it the same way I make the base for salted caramel ice cream so it’s up there on “to-do” list of making your brain happy. I’m excited for the ice cream of the month members to try as it’s their first non-fruit flavor so far.

the sweet cookie monster


ForageSF – May

If 5/21 was Rapture Day than I hope it’s an annual event! Not only was it an amazing day weather wise here in SF but ForageSF was  happening which took the “demise of life” to a tasty unforgettable level.

This time Forage was at Public Works which is a nighclub-ish venue that has two levels of fun. I LOVE THIS SPACE.  It definitely provided vendors more space to spread out and felt less cramped for attendees too because they could roam at the pace they felt most comfortable. How did I work with the space? With 3 coolers, 3 scoops, a 2-foot ice cream lamp, sprinkles, 120 mini cones, menus and more…here’s how things looked:

Table Setup

I had to…

Rapture Poster

Let’s cut to the chase…what was on the menu?


The culprits:


The hot seller which I sold out of  at the end was Candied Violet. I actually had a cool guy come up to me at the end and say he came to Forage just to try out candied violet because he was from Sweeden where violet flavors are much more popular and wanted a taste. UMMMMMM AWESOME!!!!

This time at Forage I paid more attention to the feelings and observations I had than my first time which I was more concerned about process and the dry ice situation. Going in I had a few goals, soak it all in more, make it fun, and try an relax as much as possible. I think I achieved  most of these but the third one is a tricky one for me because when I focus on something I can’t really stop, I was definitely more relaxed this time time because I  conquered the dry ice situation.

Soaking it all in was amazing and the thing I will remember the most. Some of my favorites: people taking pictures with the ice cream lamp,  chuckles at the menu where it says “calories: meh”, the mom who was so appreciative I gave her a cup of sprinkles to bring to her son who was waiting outside, the guy who told me he hasn’t had Nilla wafers since he was a kid, the folks that came back for seconds, the satisfaction from others that made me squirm with excitement, and of course most of all, my amazing support team, my friends. Each friend who showed up is a sprinkle on my ultimate ice cream cone and my life would never taste as good if it wasn’t for each one of them. Special thanks goes to Tricia who brought me much needed spoons, LK who also brought me much needed spoons, Mike & Mary for being troopers and stayed until the end and watched me spill ice cream water all over the table, Stef for organizing the $$ so I wasn’t throwing it everywhere, and of course Irene who helped me from set up to when her feet wore out.

My work friends showing support!

Can’t really sum up in words how I feel right now but this song does a good job at filling in the blank.

Happy @ Forage

ForageSF Menu

Here’s what the menu looks like! Hope to see you on Saturday!

menu for ForageSF May

Rapture Day is around the corner...take a good look now...

Mangood Sorbet

Man this was good mango sorbet, hence the name. This was a request from a pal at work who at first claimed “oh I don’t want any ice cream.” Ew. She got sense back in her and requested mango sorbet:

Mango Mugshot

I love the skin of a mango, it’s like a hypercolor shirt, each day it could be a different color. My latest goal for sorbets is trying to make them creamier and less icy. I researched and found only  a handful of suggestions: increase the sugar, use alcohol or use some chemical sugar thing.  I actually try to use less sugar than most recipes call for in sorbets because I want the fruit to come out more and I don’t think it really needs it.  Alcohol does work effectively but I tried something new this time, salt. It makes sense because think about when it snows and you want to melt the ice quickly, you throw salt on there. Granted this is edible salt but still it gets in there to break up the freezing process. EUREKA!

Mangood Sorbet

This photo is a wee bit deceiving, it wasn’t THIS wet and shiny. I took it about 15 minutes after I made it so it was glistening like Edward Cullen in the sun.  Mangood did hold up though and was creamy after hours in the freezer. Would definitely make this again and would like to try it as a swirl with vanilla bean.

Lemon Lime Vanilla Sorbeam

Sorbeam? Huh? This is an experiment I’ve wanted to try for quite some time, and involves layering ice cream flavors. It’s different than a swirl (at least that’s my vision). For this experiment I wanted to see what would happen when you layer ice cream with sorbet. So literally one layer would be vanilla bean ice cream, then on top of that would be a layer of lemon lime sorbet. I was curious to see and taste how the different textures would blend with one another. The culprits:

Lemon Mugshot

Lime Mugshot

So I made the batches and let them freeze just a bit so they would still spread easily but not blend with one another upon their first date. I had the intent of freezing the sorbeam in a rectangle or square pan and serving it like a piece of cake because I didn’t want the layers to swirl when I scooped it (or did I?).  The result:

Lemon Lime Sorbeam

The lemons were a bit too sour for my taste but overall I liked the presentation and probably will mess with something like this again. I also think the sorbet was too icy which threw off the texture battle. Next time: Creamy raspberry sorbet with vanilla beam.

Salted Caramel Mirage

Mirage? Yep. Visually I can’t believe how good this flavor looked. The studies and big brain people say that food that looks appealing tastes better… For this post, I’m going to be like Momento and work backwards:

Salted Caramel Nose

Looks like a clown nose minus the creepy intentions.

Caramel Top Hat

Follow the Salted Caramel Road

HOLD.ME. As a self proclaimed texture freak, this is like looking at the Mona Lisa..I just don’t know where to begin.

You can’t really speak of ice cream in SF without bringing up Bi-Rite and their dominance of salted caramel which is why I was intimidated. If you live in SF you get it. Bi-Rite OWNS Salted Caramel.

I made this for a special occasion. A friend at work requested it as she was moving a bookmark to a new chapter. I  knew this was going to be different than any other ice cream I’ve made…caramel is tricky because you are turning this:

Sugar Mugshot

into this:


Sorry Inspector Gadget, I won’t be needing your bungee arm for this one, all I need is heat to make caramel.  I threw in one cup of white sugar in a sauce pan and let that sucker burn until it turned to an amber color. Then I threw in some cream which solidified the caramel into a semi-solid-not-really-blob-thing:

Caramel Hockey Puck

I let this caramel hockey puck  fully dissolve in the cream which took some time. While those two got to know each other I warmed egg yolks, milk, more cream and a bit more sugar in a separate pan. [insert jazz hands]

After the hockey puck of caramel dissolved, I put in a bowl to cool down and added some sea salt and a hint of vanilla.

Salt Mugshot

Once it was cooled and ready to roll, I added the egg yolk/milk mixture and had a lovely base ready to freeze.

Not going to beat around the bush…IT.WAS. AMAZING. This dream  flavor  not only satisfies my taste buds but photography nerdness.  I have a huge crush on this ice cream…I can’t stop looking at it and batting my eyelashes.

Philly’s Finest

My friend who got the mint cookie’s and cream in the previous post also got this surprise flavor which I’m going to call Philly’s Finest. How come she got two flavors?! She’s my cube mate at work who puts up with my voices, antics and me ignoring her questions because I have my headphones on.  She is also a friend who helped me at the ice cream event so I wanted to show my appreciation.

If you don’t know Tastykakes, they are a Philadelphia treat made of a sponge cake and  butterscotch frosting. My Philly friend visited a few months ago and brought a bunch back to work which I saved specifically to experiment with.


Tastykake X-Ray

I was thinking of a flavor that would play nice with the butterscotch frosting so I opted for a sweetening libation: Maker’s Mark. I used probably around 1 Tbsp of the warm and buttery liquor which happens to be my favorite spirit.

Maker's Bottle

I also threw vanilla bean guts in and got this very rich and creamy base that was flirting with the little Philly cake. Once again I used corn starch instead of eggs and it remained creamy and soft.

Philly's Finest