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5 O’clock Mint Chocolate Shadow

This one has been in the works since around last fall. It was my co-worker/friend’s request for her birthday and as she stated in Nov. ’09 “I want white mint chocolate chip but with shaved chocolate bits.”  Hence the name…shavings…5 0’clock shadow. I’ll keep my day job. This is actually the third time I have made a mint base ice cream and normally I don’t like to repeat unless it involves pancakes, but  mint is like the Fonzie of ice creams so I couldn’t resist hanging out with it again.

Mint Mugshot

Have to say I’m a big fan of chocolate shavings over chocolate chips. I feel that chocolate chips can sometimes take away from the flavor of the ice cream. You chew and chomp on it for a few moments and you let the ice cream slither down forgetting it like Pauly Shore’s comedic past.  I think teeth should be left for cones and not for ice cream. I like how the shavings just melt in your mouth and blend with the base of the ice cream, complimenting it like it was on a first date.

Chocolate Stubble

This does not taste anything like what you buy in isle 20. Besides homemade vanilla bean, this has the most distinct difference in flavor  from store bought mint ice cream. It tastes like earth and freshness, whereas store bought typically uses peppermint oil which I’m not opposed to if it’s just an additive flavor but if it’s the headliner of the show, I want it to perform 100%.

5 O'clock Mint Chocolate Shadow

I let it steep for about 15 minutes which colored the base to a very light green that reminded me of green tea, so it wasn’t really white at all but wasn’t neon green either. (I do love food coloring though).

The Fonzie of Ice Cream: Mr. Cool himself Mint Chocolate Chip.


Christmas Mint Velvet Sammies

Velvet and Christmas remind me of a green dress I was forced to wear to a family Xmas party in ’86.

So for a holiday gathering appropriately called “Chrismakkah”, I decided to go all out and mix and match some of my previous attempts but with the tweaks I wanted to try. The red velvet sammies were scrumptious but I got some feedback about the thickness of the cookie so I turned down the baking soda and this batch turned out much thinner but still soft like a pillow.

Christmas Velvet

For the mint panda chip ice cream, I wasn’t totally satisfied with my previous attempt,  so I ditched all the recipes I have read and did it  “My Way.” (Wow how Frank Sinatra of me).

Mint Mugshot

I ended up pureeing fresh mint leaves with milk and half n’ half. I used half n’ half because I didn’t need the ice cream to be creamy because of it’s position between the red velvet patties. I let this sucker warm and then let it steep for about 20 minutes. Smelled wonderful and the color of the liquid began to turn to a subtle green.

Mint Mosaic

Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag if I write my special ingredient. (This “Cat’s out of the bag” phrase concerns me because why was a cat in a bag to begin with?) I digress. I added a teaspoon of Peppermint Schnapps for the extra mint burst. I let this Mosaic sit and cool overnight for an extended recess where everyone could play with one another.

Morning After Mint

Drained Mint Brains

I wanted these sammies to mimic the holiday cheer I actually like. Colorful and fun to the point of vegas-y looking.  I dipped into my growing collection of sprinkles and let them run the show.

Edible Sequins

Christmas Crystals

Mint Chocolate Chip with Red Velvet Cake Cookies

I am very satisfied with this recipe and will continue to make future Mint Panda Chip accordingly.

Mint Panda Chip

Chocolate chip ice cream reminds me of pandas, hence the Mint Panda Chip title. Busy birthday week at work. For another co-worker’s birthday, she requested this classic flavor to which I kindly obliged.  I would like to dedicate this song to Mint to show my true affection for the great leaf.  I love mint in water, tea, mojitos, sauces, mojitos, toothpaste, envelopes, mojitos. I plan on pairing mint with various different fruits in the summer for sorbets.

There are more recipes for Mint Panda Chip than there are articles about the Gosselins so I had my choices. I ended up going with Isaac Mizrahi’s recipe. Not lying. The reviews said it had a strong natural mint taste which I wanted so I gave it a shot. Plus the other 90 recipes I looked threw had horrible pop-up ads for Netflix which annoyed me.

Mint Potion: Fresh Mint Leaves, Cream & Milk

Like his Target fashion line I would do this recipe again.  Next time I might purree the mint and then throw in the potion and let it steep longer. Also toying with using Peppermint Schnapps next time to give it a nice texture and added mint taste. I liked the taste overall but next time I will barter and use less eggs to trade creaminess for flavor.  Of course I added green food coloring to fool your face into thinking it’s even more minty than it is. (I would really like to meet the person who thought of food coloring…especially the marketing genius who thought of “Blue Raspberry.”)

Mint Panda Chip