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Christmas Mint Velvet Sammies

Velvet and Christmas remind me of a green dress I was forced to wear to a family Xmas party in ’86.

So for a holiday gathering appropriately called “Chrismakkah”, I decided to go all out and mix and match some of my previous attempts but with the tweaks I wanted to try. The red velvet sammies were scrumptious but I got some feedback about the thickness of the cookie so I turned down the baking soda and this batch turned out much thinner but still soft like a pillow.

Christmas Velvet

For the mint panda chip ice cream, I wasn’t totally satisfied with my previous attempt,  so I ditched all the recipes I have read and did it  “My Way.” (Wow how Frank Sinatra of me).

Mint Mugshot

I ended up pureeing fresh mint leaves with milk and half n’ half. I used half n’ half because I didn’t need the ice cream to be creamy because of it’s position between the red velvet patties. I let this sucker warm and then let it steep for about 20 minutes. Smelled wonderful and the color of the liquid began to turn to a subtle green.

Mint Mosaic

Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag if I write my special ingredient. (This “Cat’s out of the bag” phrase concerns me because why was a cat in a bag to begin with?) I digress. I added a teaspoon of Peppermint Schnapps for the extra mint burst. I let this Mosaic sit and cool overnight for an extended recess where everyone could play with one another.

Morning After Mint

Drained Mint Brains

I wanted these sammies to mimic the holiday cheer I actually like. Colorful and fun to the point of vegas-y looking.  I dipped into my growing collection of sprinkles and let them run the show.

Edible Sequins

Christmas Crystals

Mint Chocolate Chip with Red Velvet Cake Cookies

I am very satisfied with this recipe and will continue to make future Mint Panda Chip accordingly.


Red Velvet Ice Cream Sammies

Oh Yes I Did. Call me a visual junky but it’s something about the way red velvet looks that makes me feel like I’m staring at a lava lamp. Intrigued. Mesmerized. Chump. It’s just red food coloring. Perhaps it’s the lack of food coloring that makes me feel to drawn to it. I mean I don’t really know what Blue-17 and Red-98 look like so the colors that end up in my Slush Puppie don’t really excite me the same way. I went off of Paula Deen’s recipe for Red Velvet cookies but slightly modified it so I can live to write this post. These cookies erupted into large red pillows.

Voluptuous Red Velvet Cookies


After admiring the edible red earmuffs, I let them cool and introduced them to their new lover: vanilla ice cream. They quickly hit it off and made chocolate sprinkle babies which peppered the cylinder. The babies added some crunch to what was a very soft family. Thumbs up to red food coloring-1!

I now pronounce you delicious and scrumptious.