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Oh My Darling Clementine Sorbet

If I did a genealogy trace I would find myself related to the citrus family. I  devour anything that claims to be “orange flavored”. With that said, I’m extremely particular about oranges…if it’s not juicy, please move along. For this very reason I adore clementines. They are consistently juicy which I attribute to their bite size stature, all the juices are concentrated in a small studio apartment.

Clementine Mugshot

De-robed Clementines

I have a handful of vanilla beans left which I wanted to blend with the clementine crew to make into an Orange Julius doppelganger. I used one vanilla bean and was much better at scraping the sides this go around.

E.T. Phone Vanilla Bean Home

I wish I had a Popsicle mold because this would be  great in bar form. The consistency is very creamy which I’m ecstatic about, it’s not icy or “scrap like” at all.  It is a wee bit sticky and clung to my ice cream scoop for dear life.  My gumshoe skills tell me it has to do with the vanilla beans. I’m beginning to think they have something to do with making things creamy and sticky.

Clementine Vanilla Bean Sorbet

This ranks up there in the top three as personal favorites. The flavor is exactly what I wanted to achieve but the consistency surpasses my expectations to the max.  The flavor is like vanilla bean is on one end of the see saw and a bunch of clementines are on the other, and they go back and forth with flavor. NOM up…NOM down. repeat.

Oh My Darling...Oh My Darling..