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Peppermint Piñata Sammies

Tilde.  That’s the symbol above the “n” in “Piñata”. It’s like a little flashy sequin to remind us  how special this object is.

What started off as a New Moon themed mess ended up as a cool and random experiment. Long cone short, I wanted to make a New Moon ice cream that was blood red with white chocolate chips (for fangs). Well the blood got sucked out of me and I ran out of red so the color was Pepto-Teenie Bopper.  (It was like edible Teen Spirit deodorant but yummier and less filmy.) I got all Bella Swan and whimpered and stared out the window for awhile while I contemplated the true difference between a unicorn and piñata.  They are essentially the same beast. One eats rainbows and glitter while the other binges on candy like it’s Halloween 24/7. The only difference really is that one is evangelized and the other is physically mauled at parties.

I had always intended the flavor to be peppermint . I was just going to make round sugar cookies and slap the Pepto spread on there and call it a day. Then I remembered my friend had given me a unicorn and penguin cookie cutter for my b-day last year. (I have a history and love for piñatas and unicorns).  One thing led to another and came up with piñata cookies. They are uniformed into piñatas by  just colored coconut sprinkled on a basic glaze. I present you the lifeline of Peppermint Piñata Sammies:

Uninata (Unicorn + Piñata) & Penguins

Piñata: Life's Candied Hot Pocket.

Pregnant with Peppermint Ice Cream

Pack of Piñatas (Band Name?)