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Cupid’s Chocolate

I don’t like chocolate. I’m human I swear. There are a handful of food items that my taste buds  missed the boat on and chocolate is one of them. I don’t get it. People would sell their right big toe for decadent chocolate but my sweet tooth snoozes over the sight of it. I’m providing context because I never make chocolate ice cream. I made it twice, once in the form of Mexican Chocolate which had some kick, and then a Nutella/Chocolate “fusion” (I think that descriptor is funny because isn’t everything a fusion?) I digress…

the chocolate trio

So if I was going to make chocolate, I figured do it for the “holiday” that seems to interest me as much as chocolate. Valentine’s Day. When your holiday staple candy  is “Conversation Hearts” you know the holiday lacks depth. No this won’t be a single girl’s rant about my feelings about Valentine’s day, I just think cupid has other intentions than delivering them on chalk flavored edible love fragments. [queue Tori Amos]


I ended up with a  blend of chocolate: melted down some Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips, Hersey’s chocolate powder and some Nutella. Let those guys speed date together and then introduced them to their blind dates: cream, sugar, and milk. Everyone seemed to hit it off and there was some chemistry going on.


I was a little selfish. I wanted to somewhat like this ice cream so I made Rice Krispie treats and threw them in the love boat. I always feel chocolate  needs some crunch so Rice Krispies filled in the blank I was missing.

rice krispie treat

Overall I’m satisfied with how it turned out, but then again I’m not the best Judge Judy on this one. I’ll let the people’s court decide for me…

Cupid's "Beer Gut" = Chocolate Gut?

We all have guts of something (beer, cheese, pizza, fries) and I guess chocolate is Cupid’s…


Cupid's Chocolate


Ice Cream Cake

You betcha! I needed a swell reason to make an ice cream cake and there was no better setting than my dear friend’s surprise birthday party. Oh and this surprise party didn’t have just humans attending…there were 20 bunnies in her living room. YEAH WE DID! The bunnies didn’t eat the ice cream cake but everyone else did. I opted for a fan favorite, “Drunken Girl Scout” which is Bailey’s Irish Cream and thin mints. Here’s how it went down…

I am a huge fan of Carvel ice cream cakes and did some sleuthing and discovered that the iconic “cookie crumbles” are oreo cookie/chocolate wafers with Magic Shell coating to bring the group together. I ended up going old school and striped out each cookie individually, it was like separating the two characters from The Notebook, these two did not want to be split from their love from one another.

The Notebook of Edible Lovers: Oreos & Cream

Next I threw in the plain Oreos into the food processor to get a chocolate dust storm which then needed some precipitation and bonding. The Magic Shell. This is like syrup but acts kind of like a glue, hardens very quickly which made for a terrific base. No ice cream was going to leak out of this edible vault foundation.

Magic Shell/Oreo Bottom

Next came the layers of Bailey’s Ice cream and thin mints…

Cake Layers

The MVP of this team by far was the springform pan which provided the flexibility to remove the bottom from the sides. I added some wax paper to ensure independence and it worked like a dream.

Look Ma! No Sides!

Drunken Girl Scout Cake

I ended up putting an additional layer of ice cream but didn’t get a shot of it until the party…

BAM! (thanks Mia for the photo)

I am looking forward to making more cakes and variations on crust and layers so quick someone have a birthday or let’s just make one up to eat it.

Pumpkin Patch

This month brings us November’s poster child…the pumpkin. The orange bundle of strings and seeds that so many look forward to every fall. In October we participate in the manslaughter of pumpkins, however this month we ditch the creativity and have our eyes on the prize…PUMPKIN FACE.

FACT: When you eat pumpkin flavored goods, you are actually eating the outside…not the stringy guts that make your sink drain look like a walk in the park.

I can’t really speak to this flavor as my taste buds missed the memo to like pumpkin flavored things so I’m a mere backseat driver on this one. What I can say from the backseat is that this flavor is slightly spiced and cradles that fall urge to feel comforted. There’s a crew of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and a sweet high five from vanilla bean all telling jokes by the fireplace. Ginger snaps crashed the party and brought their sturdy and effective sassy self so all together you get a snippet of what fall tastes like.

Pumpkin Patch

August Flavor: Peach Tree

After a three striped celebration of ice cream in July…I’m going to continue the fruit train with August’s flavor of Peach!

August is about nature’s fuzzy friend, the peach. Under the soft bristles of fruit whiskers lies summer’s candy bowl.  Peaches are in bloom and ready to shed their fuzzy coat for a dip in a vanilla and honey base with a hint of lemon to finish off the summer breeze. (This isn’t meant to sound like a candle description but it’s getting close.) Georgia is a bit of a hike, but I’m actually going peach picking specifically for this months’ flavor so they will be as fresh as can be…hopefully a video will follow. Look for this month’s flavor Peach Tree flavor to be delivered to your mouth the week of Aug. 15th!

Peach Tree